Up To New York

by Jade Zabric

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released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Jade Zabric New York, New York

Singer/Songwriter Jade Zabric was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She served five years in the US Air Force and separated with an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant. While in the Air Force, In 2011, played guitar for Harlem Repertoire Theater's Production of DreamGirls. Jade's album, "Singer/Songwriter," was released in July 2013. ... more

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Track Name: War For Sale ft. A-d
G Bm C Cm
I got ten thousand troops
We've got nothing to do
Let's cause a riot, raise some hell
Maybe we'll get on the news
G B7 C Cm
War for Sale
Who's gonna buy us now?
Who's gonna sell as out?

Verse 1:
Em C G D
I was 18 years old
I didn't know what to do
My country was at war so I went to war too
I'm proud of who I am
Defender of my land
Divided we fall united we stand
But what do we stand for?
But what do we stand for?


Bridge: (Creep) 2X
Cause I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here
I don't belong here

Guitar Solo

Track Name: Womb To Tomb
Verse 1
Lay down you gun, lay down your god
We are but germs on one big rock
The universe is spreading thin
It's up to us to bring it in
My suicide as sacrifice
Would keep the secret locked inside
And so I breathe my second life
Living proof, that love survives

Your life is not your own
From womb to tomb you are bound to others

Verse 2:
There is no I, there is only we
So soon shall this whole wide world see
Around the sun which we believe
Take all but only what you need
Please take these words to paradise
Show them there is more than one good life
We are all one, once every time
We ask why


We are here
We are now
We are this moment
We are loud
We are the answer
Of love you're after
There is no one son of god
We all are


Guitar Solo:


Lay down you gun, lay down your god
We are but germs on one big rock
Track Name: Devil Don't Wear Prada
The Devil Don't Wear Prada
She wears Dolce and Gabbana and she is
Twice as sexy on the second glance
Her touch is so euphoric
A mirage you can't ignore it
But you know, you gotta put her in the past

She will seclude you in her chamber of love
She will reserve you from the dangers of love
From the cold cold hearted world outside
But don't mistake it for a home
Soon you'll be left there all alone
And no one will even hear your cry


Materialistic type of bitch, she wears her stilletos
She buys her Jordan's just for kicks, on the week of release
And she can't even tell you what minimum wage is
She thinks that money grows on trees, she gets whatever she wants
Even her T-Shirts read Armani or Louis Vioutton
But don't be fooled by the lies she flaunts


Move on
She's coming after you
And if you don't
She's gonna find you, right where you are so
Move on
Cause she's seeking out the worst
And she'll pull you in if you don't pull out first


Track Name: Love, Mosaic ft. Crystalla Gonzalez & Gabriel Castellar
Verse 1:
Truth be told, my love behold
Once upon a long long time ago
I was something I didn't set out to be
I knew a lot of people, not one really knew me
Picking up the pieces they all threw on the floor
One minute from not being able to take anymore
Anger compressed up inside of my chest
Demanding to confront, wish that I could confess

Chorus 1:
But nothing could change me, nothing could stop me
Numb to reality, forced in conformity
Love, until I loved you, love, until I loved you,
until I love you my love

Verse 2:
You took all the broken stained fragments of glass
Not one was forgotten, not one was surpassed
Gentle and kind each one placed so precise
Making a mosaic of reflections of reflections on my life
And how you've altered me and the direction your in
How could I thank you where should I begin
Picked out from a lost and found like an old dirty hat
Not worth a dime but the memories it has

Chorus 2:
and your heart is gold y que linda tu soul
I was so cold, spiraling out of control
Love, until I loved you, love, until I loved you,
until I love you my love

Well I'm no longer doubtful, I'm no longer unsure
I'm no longer hesitant, I know that I am yours
It's all algebraic, I'm no longer prosaic
I love you, I love, Love your mosaic

Track Name: Stranger
Verse 1:
Who is this stranger? I've never laid my eyes on him before
My hearts in danger a naive bull against a matador
Approaching forward, his eyes on me taking control
I'm falling faster, this trance on me I can't ignore

Pre Chorus 1:
But I find myself hanging on to every word,
oh every single word, enounced with hypnotizing charm
His words, they flow like i Have never heard
oh I have never heard, conversation spoken as an art

This man he looks at me and I can see myself tumbling and
When I'm with him I am stumbling as if he's maledicting me
Does he see me, me for me, and if that's true what does he see?
If only love was guaranteed, sometimes I think he's just manipulating me

Verse 2:
Well this phase that I'm in, seems like an everlasting love
But something in me knows, I'm too young, I'm not mature enough
His captive attraction, I'm confined, I'm forced to misjudge
I can't see clearly, one this I know is I must rise above

Pre Chorus 2:
Cause if I don't I know that I will fall too fast
I will fall too soon, too soon to fall to late to flee
He's got me leaning toward him to much askewed
oh twisted and askewed, possessing me with expertise


Who gives a shit if I don't know right now? The here and now is fine
Cause he kisses me and I melt to my knees, cause he tells me he is mine
Who is this stranger? my heart's in danger,
I'm falling faster
Who is this stranger? my heart's in danger,
I'm falling, falling, falling, falling, faster...
Track Name: I Can't Help How Much I Miss You ft. Samantha Echo & Sean Cunningham
Baby I love you when you're here
I hate you when you're gone
I don't really hate you
I just hate the fact you're gone
And when you're so far away
I feel like I'm gonna break
'cause I just want to kiss you
I can't help how much I miss you
I can't help how much I miss you

Verse 1:
Well I know that you're working hard
'Cause that's my love, the man you are
I'm so proud of you for all that you do
And you and me make one great team
Together baby, we'll succeed
I know that we will, if not I'll love you still


But the road feels like it's getting longer
I know it'll make us strong
but I can't wait till I can see your face again


Oh, and my favorite kiss
is the one that I get
when you lean in to kiss me goodbye
Then you turn and you say
Try to not count the days
But that's all that's keeping me alive

repeat Verse 1:( )
repeat pre:

I know that I'm in your thoughts
And I know that I'm in your heart
But I can't wait till I can see your face again
So if I come across to you
Unlike how I usually do
Sometimes it gets so hard I lose my way

Oh baby I love your way
Everyday yeah
I wanna be with you night and day
Track Name: I'll Never Say I Never Loved You ft. Janna Pelle
We had a good love at a good time
But we were too young to know better
The way that we made love, baby made me cry
Thinking that I'd have you forever

And tho I've moved on and you have too
Theres still one thing that I won't do
I'll never say I never loved you

Cause I remember getting scared about getting hurt Cause tour was ending
I didn't want to break your heart but couldn't take another ending
I told you it was over but you came right back and told me no
I wont go

Pre Chorus:
We'd make it through the good and bad
We have a love the kind that lasts
A love that nobody else has ever had
And baby your my better half

We planned to stay together wait four years before we married
but the date kept moving closer every day and every time we spoke
until i came to visit and you sat my on the wing of the plane.
and you gave me your ring

| Am C | G Em | F | F Dm |
And you can try to lie, to hide the feelings now that you found someone else
But you know, as I know, real love is what we felt
not surprised, to find, you're fine, I'm doing much better myself
And I hope that we both live up to the cards we were dealt
Track Name: Want Not Need ft. Sylvana Joyce and HouseOfSharla
I'm pretty good at being on my own
If I want it I go get it, if I want it I go get it
When I met you I thought you were gold
Wrapped inside of a deep dark soul
But now I get it, now I get it, now I get it

He's just trying to be a man
Trying to do the best he can
All he needs is one more chance
He'll make it good again
But if you really want a man
Quit being that backup plan
Let him learn to stand

You are something that I want not need
Meant as a compliment you could not see
It would be nice if you would call
And we can kick it like we did when we were kids
But now I get it, now I get it, now, I get it


I'm very vocal with my feelings, we all know
You have a different way of dealing, let it show
Cause this ain't my way of healing, to let you go but
now I know, or maybe I don’t
Maybe I never will
Maybe I won’t
all I know
is this bridge could use a little more
than a couple of minor seven chords
but hey you ain’t round to help me anymore

Track Name: Be My Girl - Elissa Cevallos & Jonathan Arons
Be my girl, be my world
I will never hurt you
I will only make you soar
Roar if you're ready for it
Ready or not, oh

Verse 1:
Tell me who it is that hurt you
I will take about the pain
I will wash away, the tears right off your face
I will make it rain,

Pre Chorus:
I'm not your average girl
I will never leave you alone
Cause I don't ever want you to know
How that feels


Verse 2:
Open up to me and let me love you
Like no one has ever done before
I can show you love, the kind we all dream of
The kind that you've been searching for

(Pre Chorus)


Chorus: out
Track Name: New York
Verse 1:
New York City makes dreams come true
What a perfect place for my musical debut
I hear the city never sleeps it just keeps rolling on through
So on to Gotham City on a super jet plane I flew

Verse 2
Anticipation and uncertainty, try to get the best of me
This challenge I'm about to face is laced with millions just like me
Who travel from the ends of end to get to where I want to be
Putting all they've got onto one hot shot to prove themselves relentlessly

Rewind, cause I can't focus on these trivial things
Gotta keep my mind in motion, take whatever it brings

Here I am in NYC, the capitol of the world
Far from my hometown Houston, far for this Texas girl
Here I am in Empire City
I'm on top of the world
New York, New York
New York

Verse 3:
Sure ain't pleasant Texas, no friendly passer-bys
Just stressed out suits stressing 'bout their push and go lives
No driving slow on Sunday Mornings or watching clouds go by
Just busy streets with crazy cabbies fighting over traffic lights

Verse 4:
You'd think a Texas Tornado was on a path of destruction
The way the public scurries home after the daily grind function
Some ease the tension with a PBR, the cheapest they make
Some drop mad cash on a bottle now that's extravagant taste

Pre Chorus
Track Name: Singer Songwriter ft. Moriah Skye
Singer Songwriter

You're not the first boy to offer the world
I think you're cool but I'm not that kind of girl
If I wanted to sleep my way to the top
I'd a done been there

I'm not just another girl singer songwriter
Playing in a cafe waiting for her big break, no
Any other girl would be lucky you found her
Fall over in love, but I cannot because of who I am

I'm a good girl, at least I'm trying to be
Until some dumb fool brings out the bitch in me
Cause if I wanted to sleep my way to the top
Believe me I'd a done been there


You think as a girl I'm used to getting everything that I want
But I worked very hard for every single thing that I'd got
I studied and that's why I'm smart
I pour my love into my art
And no one can take that part of who I am

Track Name: Change Is On Its Way
Verse 1:
Oh yes a change is on it's way
For those who pray I dare say pray
For the dawning of the day is standing tall
A long time coming it has been
A long time running bringing in
An ounce of hope for answers to it all

So I say hey, give a little thanks
Motivate your fellow man and rid yourself of hate
Don't you wait, if you need a break then break
Then get back in to living for today's a brand new day

Verse 2:
Well I heard this story once of twice
But never thought to take the time
To realize the power each man holds
And now I'm claiming I believe
In individuality
For the path you choose is yours and yours alone


And who's to say,
a boy must have a mother and a father
If a single one could raise him twice as good
Because with guidance and good morals,
higher goal, forgiving more and more,
That same boy would be the best man that he could

Verse 2